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Convert VOB to AVI
Nonlinear Video Editing

Already this program is confusing to use. 

http://www.squared5.com/  MPEG Streamclip is a powerful free video converter, player, editor for Mac and Windows. It can play many movie files, not only MPEGs; it can convert MPEG files between muxed/demuxed formats for authoring; it can encode movies to many formats, including iPod; it can cut, trim and join movies. MPEG Streamclip can also download videos from YouTube and Google by entering the page URL.

- KL QuickTime Alternative 1.81




****** BEST SOLUTION SO FAR ******* Jan 2009
I got some pretty clear video (with synced audio) pulled it into Premiere and successfully output it to an external video file.


VirtualDub MPEG-2 you also need to download the AC-3 ACM Codec.

Step 1  Download VirtualDub MPEG-2. When you use it, you also need to download the AC-3 ACM Codec.
Step2 Unzip both these downloaded files and save them in separate folders. Open the folder you unzipped for AC-3 ACM.
Step3 Locate the "AC3ACM.inf' file and right click on it then choose to install. Open "VirtualDub.exe."
Step4 Click on the "File" option and choose "Open video file" then select the VOB file you want to convert. You might have to search through the hard drive on your computer to find the file. If it's not there, browse through your external drives, generally labeled as "D" or "E."
Step5 Choose "VIDEO" then "COMPRESSION" (I used Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec V-2) and pick the compression method you desire. When done with this, select "AUDIO" and chose the "FULL PROCESSING" mode.
Step6  Finalize your process and get the file ready to convert to AVI by selecting "FILE" then "Save as AVI" and watch the conversion process take place.

VirtualDub Seems to work GREAT.  I understand you can get the most recent version on SourceForge.  This program is no longer supported as far as I know, but there are lots of forums.

Just transferred all of my home movies onto dvd, but they are in the uneditable VOB format and I want to convert them to AVI or another editable format.
www.womble.com can hadle VOB files with AC3 = NOT FREE   Womble MPEG VIDEO WIZARD DVD $69.00 - looks good I'll try it out and get back to you. 

I just downloaded the trial version of Womble MPEG VIDEO WIZARD DVD and I successfully converted a VOB file to AVI and tested the quality and audio by opening it in Premiere and so far it has worked fabulously.
Sometimes this doesn't work - This works:  rename file extension from VOB to MPEG or MPG then go to start, right click on Encore (included with Premiere Pro CS3) and click 'open file location' This is the root menu. From this root menu, find and Copy the ad2ac3dec.dll file (an AC3 encoder file) In the same way, go to the root menu of Premiere Pro CS3 and Paste this copied file there.

Now all Mpeg2 files should import with sound. You'll have to re-import them into projects that already existed before you copy and pasted the file
VOB is a modified MPEG-2 format.  It is easy to convert VOB to MPEG.  Actually, all you need to do is change the file extension to .mpeg or .mpg.  However, when you rename, the audio may be lost.  I found that renaming with MPEG extension to the most effective.

FREE DOWNLOAD - Open Source VOB to AVI video converter

This program has been confusing to use.  So far I don't like that it will not convert audio to WAV.  It does allow MP3 and AC3

NOTHING BELOW THIS LINE WORKED OR IT WORKED, BUT HAD A GLITCH, SUCH AS NO SOUND, NO VIDEO OR UNSUPPORTED SOUND CODEC, SO DON'T BOTHER READING UNLESS YOU WANT INFO ON WHAT DID NOT WORK.  NOTE:  I did not jump into ANY technical support or white pages to solve the problems, so the errors encountered could have been from my lack of knowledge on how to use the programs.   I wanted a quick solution, so when I encountered a problem, I simply moved on.

Edit VOB files in VOB Edit 0.06 or VOB2MPG or SUPER or SpiritxSoF

Also, VideoRedo will read .vobs and AC3 www.videoredo.com  Costs money



from: http://www.ehow.com/how_4431262_convert-vob-files-avi.html
1.  Download VirtualDub MPEG-2 Also Need to download AC-3 ACM Codec Zip Files - Extract all
2.  Find AC3ACM.inf and right click on it and install.  Then restart your computer.
3.  Click Virtualdub.exe
4.  You may also want to down load the DivX codec for compressing video into an MPEG-4 type of file - smaller file size, better quality.  Get it here.  DivX CODEC (19.4 megabytes)  Download and then double click on DivXinstaller.exe  This will start the installer and give you the option of installing 1.  DivX Codec, 2.  DivX Converter, 3. DivX Player and 4. DivX Web Player all requiring 53.4 MB
Problem: The size of the file increased like mad when saving a file after editing it with Virtualdub.

Solution: You probably didnīt use a codec. Apparently a quite common mistake by beginners. Virtualdub has to decode the video data before manipulating it, but it doesnīt compress it again, since it canīt know which codec you want to use.
(Also, if you want to edit the file further, you shouldnīt use a lossy compression.)

You can select a codec via menu: VIDEO->COMPRESSION-> (select codec from list and configure it).

Codec: COmpressor DECompressor, a "program" used to compress the data, making use of different methods. Whatever codec you choose, it has to be available at the computer where the file shall be played too.

Iīd recommend DivX(www.divx.com), but of course, you can chose any other codec too.

What codec to use?
As I wrote above, Iīd recommend DivX. In any case, do NOT use those preinstalled on most windows versions, like "Cinepak", "Video 1", "InDeo", etc...
These codecs are too old to be considered useful. Usually a file compressed with Cinepak would today be half the size with twice as much quality.

Instead, itīd be better to use an MPeg4 variant, as DivX, XviD, 3ivX, MS Mpeg4 or others.
These are relatively new and are usually much better.

Hereīs a link to the DivX Codec


AFAIK you cant crop without re-encoding the file, so you will have to use a compression
crop the sizes (both height and width) to multiples of 16 for DivX

tips for DivX-configuration: (you can configure them by pressing the 'configure'-button in the screen where you select the codec)

1. look up the original bitrate of the file (file--->file information) and adopt that or go a bit higher (like 10%) so you wont lose too much quality (you file size will decrease thx to the cropping, so you can give it a little bit more bitrate to be safe)
2. use multipassing (at least 2 passes)

if youre not sure how to do this then try a search on this forum or go to the DivX-site to get a guide or a helpfile...

Any codec is only as good as itīs settings are.

try to use standard or slow mode

go to the configure screen of the divx encoder and then press the 'settings' button (lower left corner). on top of that screen you will see 'manual CLI'. if you copy paste that here, we could evaluate your divx settings as i think something there goes wrong. what steve posted below here above for CLI doesn't make any sense...

Whatever codec you choose, it has to be available at the computer where the file shall be played too.

Do NOT, repeat N O T use Cinepak, Video1, InDeo or similar codecs. Thatīs like writing on stone tablets. Youīre only losing quality and getting giant files. Theyīre ancient.

The most widely used? Well, IMO, itīd be DivX or XviD. I, myself, prefer DivX.
The short solution is to selecect "1Pass Quality based" and chose a percentage of quality you want to have(70% should be good).
No, I didnīt mean "1Pass" but "1Pass Quality based". Itīs important, because the other wonīt give you good results.

There are(IIRC) four modi: 1Pass, 1Pass Quality based and Multipass 1st pass and nth pass.

You should get a slider for the quantitizer(Quality) with the percentage to the right - NOT the bitrate slider.
Bitrate is fine, but if you have no need to achieve a certain filesize, why bother? (Calculating, multipass, etc)
Yes! After disabling profiles, it works now. 1-pass, quality-based does show up now.

Also try the ripper AutoGK

Also set BOTH audio and video to "full Processing Mode"



Lossless compression?  Huffyuv, YUY2, RGBA

1.  You must download a ripper.
DVD2AVI, DVDDecoder, SmartRipper, DVDecrypter, Gordian Knot
MediaCoder - The universal audio/video Transcoder  http://mediacoder.sourceforge.net/

1.  Get Installer
TOTAL MOVIE CONVERTER - very easy so far.  Free download.
AutoGK (gordian knot)- www.autogk.me.uk/ - never tested this one, but it is recommended by some people as one of the best programs.
Apex Video Converter Free v. 6.54 - won't open VOB files
Kingdia Video to AVI/WMV/Speg mov/flv Converter 30% Trail Version
ABest Video to AVI Mov Converter v. 3.81 gives you 50% conversion for nonregistered copies.
ANY VIDEO CONVERTER -  Seek Failed Error on every file.

TESTED: iSofter Ripper Platinum
NOT FREE - Says free download and that's EXACTLY what it means.  Free to download, but when you get 5% converted you are asked to buy a $40 program.  The interface is cool, and it gave me a test file which worked great.  So you decide. 

When I tried to import it into Premier I got an error message "Unsupported Audio Rate".  However, when played in media player, the audio sounded amazing.

    You will find a free download link on the right side.  It downloads an executable file by iSofter (support@iSofter.com) .  As usual, they retain copyright and users get no rights or warranties.... the usual stuff. iSofter Ripper Platinum.

It comes up with an amazing GUI graphic.

1.  Place your dvd into your dvd drive
2.  The LEFT side is the INPUT side.  You can easily browse by clicking the drop down arrow next to where it says LENGTH.  The program will automatically select all your VOB files to covert.  So you don't have to specify.
3.  Select on of the choices and it will appear on the little screen in the middle.

4.  Select your Format on the RIGHT side where it says OUTPUT.  I set the settings to rip by chapter so that I didn't end up with one big file.  I plan to edit everything in Premier later.
5.  Select your output folder.

You may press LATER and it will still rip for you, but you get limited rips, but after 5.43% was finished the Please Register box popped up again and it asked me to register.  My Zone Alarm asked that it be allowed to go to www.regnow.com/softsell/nph-softsell.  Since I'm on my test computer, I'll allow.

The GUI changes colors as it rips.  Its great!  You will see the percentage done at the bottom of the center box, over the word STOP.
VOB is a modified MPEG-2 format.  It is easy to convert VOB to MPEG.  Actually, all you need to do is change the file extension to .mpeg or .mpg.  However, when you rename, the audio may be lost.  I found that renaming with MPEG extension to the most effective.
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